Our Partners


Working together

Small groups can all benefit from collaborative projects.


Who we have worked with

Our Club has worked in co hosting events or assisting other organizations. We welcome partnerships with like minded groups. In a small community , working together simply makes sense.


This partnership organization, sponsored by LunaBars, provides Clubs such as ours club with all the tools to host a filmfest of short documentary films, made by woman for women. By utilizing an existing fundraising project, we are able to bring films to Stratford which may otherwise not be screened in the area.


Amnesty international - local chapter

A relatively new local chapter to Stratford, this group organizes the Write for Rights Campaign every December 10th.



Here are some examples of past events that have involved partnerships of different kinds:



By cohosting with Ross’ Bike Works, and the Upper Thames Conservation Area (Wildwood) in creating and running the JUST RIDE 2018 mountain bike ride & race, we were able to raise funds directly for our club.


Perth District health unit

We provide the funding required to maintain the Teen Esteem and Elements programs, which have been making a positive difference in the lives of youth in Perth County for over 10 years.


cFUW (Canadian federation of university women)

For the 2014 and 2018 Municipal Elections, we have supported the CFUW sponsored Women Candidates Meetings.


Women’s Shelter - OPTIMISM PLACE

Annual Sponsorship of Woman of the Year Awards Event : Anne McDonnell Woman of Courage Award.

Annual contribution to Basketeers.